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With an ever-growing portfolio of high-quality growing companies and products under its belt, Prohealth is one of the leaders within the Maltese pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic market, and is establishing itself rapidly in the medical devices field, too.

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A 360° Approach to Healthcare.

Prohealth’s story began in Malta in 1995 as an importation and distribution company for pharmaceuticals, dermo-cosmetics, medical devices and equipment, as well as other healthcare-related products. These products were distributed to local pharmacies, and to the Government Health Services in Malta.

With an ever-growing portfolio of high-quality companies and products under its belt, Prohealth has also been handling the promotion and sales of dermo-cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare-related products in Libya since 2004, and it is currently in the process of exploring new opportunities in neighbouring markets.

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Thick or thin. curly or straight. Brunette, blonde or redhead. Hair. We run our hands through it, tie it up, dye it in different colours, put plenty of different products…

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AVOID EXCESSIVE SUN EXPOSURE Sunshine brings exciting things into our lives, such as swimming, sunbathing, outdoor activities and plenty of ice cream! But the saying goes, too much of a…

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